The delicacy that’s become the height of fashion, we take a haute-couture approach to the macaron, with a wide variety of aromas, flavours and textures.
These little pastel-coloured gems are a collection you’ll never tire of exploring..

Traditional flavours:

Chocolate vanilla, raspberry, apricot, coffee, lemon, pistachio

Bold, new flavours :

Lime-basil, raspberry-Espelette peppers, coriander-fleur de sel, violet, rose-litchi, bergamot, Dulcey (blond chocolate with toffee accents), wild cherry


Les entremêts

Round, rectangular or square. With chocolate, fruit, caramel or vanilla. They are all the stunning handiwork of our patissiers, who are dedicated to pleasing your palate.

Tutti Frutti

Biscuit pastry, vanilla cream with assorted fruits.

Citron vert

A fruity mix of lime mousse with a drizzle of raspberry mousse and biscuit pastry.


Apricot mousse on a biscuit base with pistachio and vanilla cream.


A blend of caramel mousse with peaches and a fluffy vanilla cream on hazelnut biscuit pastry

Tarte Tutti Frutti

A shortbread pastry base with almond cream and fresh seasonal fruits.

Royal Chocolat

Chocolate mousse on a layer of praliné with a crispy base.


Tender hazelnut biscuit with hazelnut and chocolate mousses.


Meringue enhanced with a delicious chocolate crème au beurre.

Saint Barth

Macaron with almonds with a crème au beurre praliné filling


Mousseline with pistachio on a macaronnade base topped with strawberries.


Mousse made with mascarpone with red berry compote on a Breton shortbread base. Garnished with berries.


A base of sweet pastry with a delicate sour cream filling. Garnished with fresh fruit, marshmallows and crystallised fruit.


Creamy praliné on a Breton shortbread base, topped with caramelised apricots.

Small cakes