Les Grands Crus de Terroir (Chocolates of the World)
Venezuela 72%

Black – Warm notes of raisins, water chestnuts and liquorice, slightly bitter

Equateur 66%

Black – Delicate floral aromas of jasmine and orange blossom

Brésil 62%

Black – Robust chocolate flavour, blended with notes of apricot

Pérou 72%

Black – Notes of fresh blossoms and creamy caramel

République Dominicaine 64%

Black – Fresh aromas of yellow fruits, with warm notes of roasted dried fruits

Ghana 68%

Black – Full-bodied chocolate flavour

Madagascar 64%

Black – A tart note of red berries

Grenade 65%

Black – Fresh, spicy, invigorating

République dominicaine 46%

Milk – High cacao content, a balance of milky sweetness and intense cacao.

Madagascar 33%

Milk – Creamy caramel notes

Cuvée du partage 72% (République Dominicaine) 

Black – Robust cacao blended with distinctive accents of dried fruit and spices.

Blends of Grands Crus
Blond Dulcey 32%

White – Biscuity sweetness with notes of caramel and fleur de sel.

Jivara 40%

Milk – Cacao at its creamiest

Orizaba 39%

Milk – Smooth and rich dark chocolate

Extra Bitter 61%

Black – Chocolate at its full intensity

Guanaja 70% 

Black – The ultimate chocolate, revealing the full bitterness and depth of cacao.

Abinao 85% 

Black – Bitter, with a base note of tannins (selection of Forastero beans)


White – Delicate milky smoothness

Gourmet creations

Chocolate tablets with special ingredients


Roasted hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds, pistachios and raisins. Available in dark or milk chocolate.


Nougatine with sesame. Available in dark or milk chocolate.

Orange peel confit

Available in dark or milk chocolate

Lemon peel confit

Available in milk chocolate

Ginger confit

Available in dark chocolate