Chocolate specialities
Granit des Vosges

Gianduja (hazelnut praline smooth) and roasted hazelnut pieces coated cocoa powder.

Oignons de jonquilles

Gianduja with nougatine pieces, hand-sculpted in the shape of a daffodil bulb, covered in white chocolate and bitter cacao.


A chocolate disk with a caramelised orange or pistachio topping


Traditional-style praliné covered in meringue

Tea cakes
Pain d’épices à la mirabelle

Soft bread spice with plum of Lorraine.

Financier à la Bergamote

Tender biscuit with almonds and bergamot

Financier pistache griotte

Tender biscuit with almonds, pistachio and wild cherries

Croquant Stanislas

Crispy biscuit with hazelnuts and cocoa

Croquant Gérômois

Biscuit crunchy almond and vanilla


The famous Italian brioche. Available seasonally: Lemon, chocolate-chestnut or pistachio-wild cherry.

Boules de neige

Nougat centre covered in white chocolate and grated coconut


Lemon, orange blossom, raspberry, anise, orange


Homemade nougat with almonds, hazelnut and confit fruit

Candied fruit
Orange confit slices

Slices of orange confit covered in dark chocolate

Lemon confit slices

Slices of lemon confit covered in milk chocolate

Crystallised fruit

Fraise, framboise, myrtille, abricot, quetsche cannelle, bergamote, mirabelle.Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, apricot, Damson plum, cinnamon, bergamot, mirabelle.

Mirabelles confit

Candied mirabelles with a centre of almond paste with mirabelle